The Best Places for Millennial to Travel Vacation

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If you find yourself envying your friend’s incredible holiday snaps and videos on Instagram, why not pack your bags, charge your phone and head off in pursuit of your own amazing collection of digital memories?

As a Millennial, you will love trying new things, experiencing local customs and mingling with people from different cultures. So, if you have the time but need help deciding where to go, call Al Majid Travel and they will help you with everything you need to make your trip a memorable one.

Here is our list of the top 9 places that millennial must consider for authentic, unforgettable experiences. Here we go!

  • Bali, Indonesia – Bali is well known across the travel fraternity to be an ideal destination for the free-spirited millennial. Known for its breath-taking shores, orange trees, marvellous temples, terraced rice fields and more, Bali is a small island province in Indonesia. Bali is as magical, colourful and mystical as you would imagine. The best part is you do not have to rob a bank to travel to Bali and have an experience of your lifetime. Want to take that trip to Bali that you always dreamed of? Talk to Al Majid Travel’s experts as they offer some of the best tour packages to Bali from Dubai.
  • Lisbon, Portugal – Known for its cobbled streets, the city of Lisbon is becoming a thriving destination for millennial from all over the world. Regarded as the new Barcelona, Lisbon offers a subtropical climate, cheaper cost of living, vibrant nightlife and access to plenty of picture-perfect beaches. What else can a millennial ask for? Al Majid Travel and Tourism is just a call away to help you create life’s unique experiences.
  • Paris, France – Yes, millennial are one of the most romantic of generations. What place other than Paris can offer youth, the inspirational joy of their lifetimes? If you are looking for fantasies to help you through stressful days, Paris is the place to visit. Although known to be expensive, Paris does offer cheaper alternatives for millennial on a budget. Call Al Majid Travel and Tourism and they will arrange everything to make your trip to Paris a wonderful one.
  • Germany – Located at the heart of Europe, Germany has always been one of the popular destinations for millennial. Why you may ask? The first and foremost reason is the Oktoberfest beer fest. This beer drinking fest attracts hundreds and thousands of youngsters from across the world. This ancient meet-up is a must be-in attraction if you are anywhere near Europe. In addition, Germany is also home to some of Europe’s top historical sites, castles, beautiful mountainsides and more. Leipzig, Rugen Island, Romantic Rhine, Cologne, Dresden, Lubeck are some of the popular destinations for everyone.
  • Cambridge, England – Well respected throughout the globe for being one of the finest educational hubs, Cambridge has been attracting millennial for a very long time. This ancient city is best for the composite section of millennial that are lovers of art and culture. University of Cambridge, The River Cam, Cambridgeshire Wine Tasting School, Mathematical Bridge, Market Square are just some of the places to visit in Cambridge. The city also houses a wide range of museums for all kinds of visitors.
  • Massachusetts, US – Massachusetts has been for a very long time known to house some of the most elite and talented young professionals because of its job opportunities, educational institutes, access to bars, restaurants, and affordable housing. As of 2017, Boston, is said to have the highest concentration of millennial in the whole of the US. Hence the city gets its name – City of Millennial. Make your way to Massachusetts with Al Majid Travel’s unique packages from Dubai.
  • Phuket, Thailand – The country of Thailand is known for its lush green forests, white beaches, diverse wildlife, food & drinks and much more. Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Tao are the most popular beach destinations in Thailand known for some of the best beaches in the region offering a cheaper alternative to other destinations. Phuket’s casual lifestyle and budget-friendly cost of living makes it one of the favorite travel destinations for most millennials. Looking for romantic vacations from Dubai, do check out Al Majid Travel and Tourism.
  • Tulum, Mexico – Tulum has it all – the beaches, jungles, the ancient Mayan temples, exquisite hotels and restaurants, shopping squares and more. Also known for wellness retreats, Tulum is fast becoming a hot destination for bachelor parties. A must visit destination indeed for the young.
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands – In 2017, Amsterdam was accorded as the best city in the world for millennial. Best known for employment, education, start-ups, food, immigration tolerance, nightlife etc.